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Air Ducts

Air ducts are in every home.  Cleaning them out yourself is not an option but getting the ducts cleaned out is. Breathe Clean Heating & A/C Duct Service are experts in making your ducts dust and allergen free.

Forced air systems, like heater, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) have ducts that run all through your home.  If you can see mold or excessive dust around the air vents, then this is a sure sign that your ducts need cleaning.  However, you don’t want to get to that point.  It would be best if you had your ducts cleaned out yearly.

If your home is more than ten years old and has never had the ducts cleaned you should start right away.  Especially if you find yourself cleaning your home constantly but can never get rid of the dust.

Duct Sealing

In the average house about 20 to 30 percent of the air that moves through the ducts in the heater, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.  This loss is due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts. In turn, you see higher electric bills and difficulty keeping the house at a comfortable temperature, no matter how high or low you set the thermostat.

By calling Breath Clean, you can get the whole ducting system inspected and evaluate the supply and return air balance.  Also, we can examine the entire duct system, including attic and crawlspaces.  We will seal and your registers and grills tightly to the ducts.  We can even change your filters.

A well-designed and properly sealed duct system can make your home more comfortable, energy efficient, and safer.  For more information, you can go to the EPAs EnergyStar’s website.

Video Inspection

Are you concerned about the cleanliness the vents of your heater, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system?  You could climb up and into the ducting system and crawl around if you fit.  Alternatively, you can call Breathe Clean Heating & A/C Duct Service.  We will take a digital camera and push it through your system looking for loose seals, duct damage, and accumulated debris.  If it seems like there are any of these issues we can then fix the problems with duct sealing (link to page)

When Breath Clean comes to your home to clean your ducts for your HVAC or your laundry ducts we use an air duct video camera. The camera is flexible so that I can snake thru your system to show how much debris is present before the cleaning starts.  We may also find a leak or damage to the ductwork that can be addressed and fixed.  Keeping your ductwork clean and maintained is essential to keeping your air system at its most efficient and saving you lots of money.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Your dryer is one of your most energy consuming appliances in home.  Keeping the dryer and its venting system well maintained is crucial to keeping an efficient machine that dries clothes properly.

To clean out your dryer vent most people remove the lint trap, peel off the lint and call it done.  However, what is lurking behind the dryer?  Lint can also start to build up and it can snowball into a giant clog.  This can lead to a potential fire hazard if not taken care of on a regular basis.

7,000 fires, 200 injuries, and 10 deaths are attributed each year to dryer fires, according to estimates by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  A professional duct cleaning business, like Breathe Clean Heating & A/C Duct Service, will get the system cleaned up and lint free.  Thus eliminating the cause of the blazes.

Smoke and Odor Mitigation

You may have someone who smokes living in your home.  Perhaps, you’re just moving in, and the previous tenants smoked.  If either of these is the case, you will find that the heater, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can greatly be affected by the smoke. If someone smokes tobacco in a home, the HVAC system will circulate that smoke throughout the house — including inside the system itself.

If this has been going on for years, then the smell is ever-present in the ducts. You must clean the system so that you are not continually recirculating your air through the system and getting the same smokey smell.  HVAC professionals have unique cleaning methods they can use to clean ductwork, which should help control the odor.